Come live with us!

  • Apply at our new site:

Applications must be submitted with proof of ability to pay fees and proof of student enrollment.

  • Proof of ability to pay fees - a bank statement, pay stub, letter of financial aid, or letter from parent(s)/guardian(s) stating they will be responsible for fees
  • Proof of student enrollment - letter of acceptance from your school or program, screenshot of class schedule, or verification letter from advisor or program director

Please send your completed application and proofs to

There is no application fee. If you are accepted for membership, we require a deposit, NASCO membership fee, and (pro-rated) first month's rent before moving in.

What to Expect when You're Expecting...
(a.k.a. the application process)
  1. Submit application (w/ proof of student enrollment and ability to pay) to

  2. Application reviewed by membership committee

  3. Membership committee discusses application at bi-weekly meeting

  4. Membership committee may ask for an interview, if so this should be scheduled within a week

  5. Membership committee votes at bi-weekly meeting

  6. Applicant notified by email. If you've been approved for membership, we will let you know what house you are assigned to!

So you got in... Now what?

1. Let us know if you will join the SCA (email within 7 days of being notified that you've been approved for membership

2. Sign the membership contract (this is like a lease), submit in person at the office or electronically to

3. Submit your deposit to the office (or submit your Online payment via PayPal)

4. Contact the membership coordinator at your assigned house to pick a room and set up your move-in date.  You MUST notify the office of planned move in dates, so they can invoice you accurately!

5. Read the materials in your membership packet! This will help familiarize you with meeting processes, expectations, and some important social justice info.

6. Move in!!! Meet your housemates. Eat food. Nap. Sit on the porch.