JS Windows

The windows were finally installed! They went in early July. Half the screens weren't installed, and two windows were broken so the contractors scheduled a follow-up appointment. The remaining work was completed early September. They're beautiful and work wonders to cut out the street noise. Come check them out sometime!


The house needs to have the windows replaced with something that will give us more insulation. Double-paned, acrylic windows seem to be in vogue for that, so I'm going through and contacting various people to get them installed. This job is for all windows in the house, as far as I know. Otherwise it may just be the downstairs ones for now and the rest later.

Here's EWEB's Home Comfort Program page for windows. The following is from their site:

The Home Comfort Program provides home energy information, energy use education and a customized list of energy saving measures designed to upgrade the efficiency and comfort of electrically heated homes. A list of approved contractors and inspection of installed measures is offered. Loans and/or incentives are available.

Eligibility requirements

  1. All electrically heated EWEB residential properties.
  2. Loan approval based on EWEB credit history and/or credit report.

Financing and incentives

Single Family/Owner Occupied Homes

  1. $3,000 zero-interest loan for EWEB-approved ENERGY STAR® replacement thermal windows in homes with 150 square feet (or less) of glass area. The loan amount increases by $20 for each square foot of glass area over 150 square feet, but not exceeding 250 square feet (maximum loan is $5,000).
  2. In lieu of the loan, EWEB offers an incentive of $1 per square foot of glass area. Please complete and submit EWEB's window rebate form.
  3. Additional zero-interest loan funds are available for insulation as needed.


--Eric 10:37, 17 April 2007 (PDT) I talked to Anne Potterfield (I think that's her name) from EWEB about the windows. She says that we can definitely get the interest free loan, but because of the turnover of residents, etc. we won't be able to qualify for low-income subsidies. Either way, the loan can be extended to 5-years instead of 4 - I think that's a super deal. I've got one bid on the window job, and I'm going to call up a couple more places to get bids as well and hopefully get something going (through corporate) by the end of this term if we can set the money aside for loan repayments.

The loan application came in today, so now it's a matter of having a couple more places bid on the window jobs.

-Melanie, 19 April 2007 (PDT) This project is also eligible for an Energy Tax Credit. For the SCA, a non-profit that doesn’t pay income taxes, this is basically a rebate of about 25% of the total project. Like all mail-in rebates, this money is paid to us a few months to a year after completion of the project.

--Eric 17:08, 21 April 2007 (PDT) Mike, from Mark & Co. Inc, came by on the morning of the 20th April to look over the house. I toured him through and we listed each window for replacement (a total of 47 windows!!). He is mailing the bid to the SCA office.

Secondly, EWEB will get us a loan for the total amount of the bid, regardless of the stated limit on their paperwork.

--Eric 10:14, 15 June 2007 (PDT)Eric Haven't updated in a while, but the loan went through, EWEB is awesome, and the windows are going in over summer.

Mark and Co. contractors Mike and Danny came over to the house 12 June 2007 to do final measurements for all the house windows (minus the two in the living room that are already double-paned, and the two skylights in the attic). Everything is as planned, except the two windows that are currently set behind the urinal in the 1st floor bathroom can only be installed as picture frame windows (meaning - they won't open like they do right now). Now we just have to wait a couple weeks for them to get all the pieces ordered and made, and then they'll call to schedule an installation date. It should be at some time towards the mid to end of July that we have brand-spankin-new windows in the entire house!!


--Eric 10:53, 27 April 2007 (PDT)
Mark & Co. Inc has submitted a bid of just over $11,100 for all 47 windows to be replaced. This bid includes a $700 discount on the entire job (as it's a rather large job), and a possible link to working out the windows at the Campbell Club and Lorax. A tax credit of ~%25 on the total project will put the price of the job at ~$8,500. With a 5-year loan we're looking at payments of $1,700/year - well within the current capital improvement budget for maintenance.

Possible Contractors

  • Mark & Co., Inc.
772 Bailey Hill Rd.
Eugene OR 97402
CCB#: 119715
(541) 689-2830