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House Maintenance

Maintenance Log (Richard Burton)

NOTE: This is an ongoing project by Luke Ward, but please add info to the sections I hope to set up eventually. For now I am posting the contents of a word file I am working from. Eventually each section of the table of contents will have its own page! As soon as I learn to do that.

As corporate maintenance coordinator person guy, if you are from another house I urge you to take the initiative and do this same type of book for your house! Especially if you hold a maintenance position.

Janet Smith House Maintenance Guide Book


Pic of house

Table of Contents


  • Some Words about this book
  • History
  • Floor Map
  • Emergency Info

House Wide Systems


  • Front Stairwell
  • Back Stairwell

Basement Floor Room Descriptions

Ground Floor Room Descriptions

Second Floor Room Descriptions


Outside Features

  • Siding
  • Roof/Awning/Soffit
  • Porches
    • Front/Ramp
    • Back/Stairs
  • Front Garden/Trees
  • 18th Street Fence
  • 18th Garden/Trees
  • Woodshed
  • Composting