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CAT Job Description

Conflict Assistance Team...CAT:
  1. There shall be two CAT positions in each house. 
  2. The election of the CAT s will be based on the guiding principle that these coordinators are chosen to represent a diversity in social co-ordinates such as gender, race, sexual orientation etc. The format of the election will reflect this principle. (Please see qualifying remark at the end for an example.)
  3. They will serve on the SCA CAT Committee, and attend weekly CAT Committee Meetings.
  4. If there arises a situation in which an SCA member is unable to speak to a CAT, they can make use of the grievance forms to file a written complaint.
  5. The CATs will, to the best of their ability, provide support by listening to and discussing the case with the parties concerned.
  6. Any CAT with potential conflicts of interest may be excused from that specific mediation or conflict-resolution process.
  7. Working with the corporate CAT and/or corporate or house membership to plan and execute co-op wide or house workshops or fun events.
  8. Each CAT will receive 2 job points per term as compensation.
Qualifying Remark: This is a description of one way we figured out that this could happen. The earlier system meant that after we elect one CAT, everybody else who was nominated gets grouped together into one unit, regardless of how differently/similarly they identify with the person who was elected.
To avoid this, we first opened up nominations. The candidates spoke, then left the room. We elected one CAT. We then called them all back, and REOPENED nominations for the second CAT. This allowed people who identified very similarly to the first elected CAT to decline nominations if they were nominated again. More importantly, it allowed new people to be nominated by those who may not feel represented by the first CAT. Then we elected the second CAT.