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Campbell Club

Open Mic at the Campbell Club

Campbell Club Photos

The Campbell Club is located in between The Lorax and The Janet Smith houses on Alder St., and is the SCA's largest co-op.  Founded in 1935, the Campbell Club came to settle in its current location in 1962 and houses about 30 members.  The house operates on the principles of equality, equity and shared responsibility.  Decisions are reached by consensus and/or vote.  Every member has equal voting rights and is encouraged to participate in the house and SCA government.  All members play an important role in the operation of the house; we are, collectively, our own landlord.  Jobs and chores are assigned based on ability and preference, and we depend on each other to keep everything running smoothly.  We are a diverse co-ed house, and welcome members of all ages, backgrounds, races, religions, and genders.  Though not all house members are vegetarian, house money goes exclusively toward vegetarian food and a vegan option is available at dinners.  We buy local whenever possible!

Community is the best part of our house!  Living cooperatively allows us to share our many resources with each other and the public.  Campbell Clubbers' membership includes access to a projector wall, game room (with a pool table!), a tool room/workshop, a free closet, laundry room, bike workshop, a band practice room, an industrial kitchen, a library, garden, pianos, house dinners, and more.  Members are welcome to plan and host events, and regularly do!  Shows, workshops, freeschool classes, free markets, fashion shows, open mics, movie nights, dance parties....  We've done it all!  We cook, clean, craft, create, build, organize, make improvements to our house, study, and party hard as a team!  We draw on our walls, dance on our tables, and play with our cats.  We value open communication, respect, solidarity, and freedom of expression.  Our members include artists, musicians, activists, and community-minded individuals dedicated to working together and learning from each other.

If you're interested in learning more out our community, we'd love to hear from you!
Email us and make a dinner/tour date: thecampbellclubeugene(at)gmail(dot)com 
Or just stop by!  There's usually someone on our front porch.