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Room Allocation Policy

1. General Room Allocations

2. Special Summer Provision

3. 30-day Notices

3. Double Rooms

(As revised and approved by the Board of Directors March 18, 2001)

1. GENERAL ROOM ALLOCATIONS The SCA's first and foremost concern with membership is keeping the houses full. There are two elements to this: keeping the current members happy and wanting to remain in SCA, and recruiting new people to move in when there are vacancies. Having a good room, one you like and feel at home in, is a crucial part of happy co-op living. This policy will outline the process by which rooms are allocated to current and new coopers. If you are not happy with room allotted to you at the beginning of the term by the Recruitment Coordinator, immediately go to the SCA office where the Master "THE LIST FOR ROOM ALLOCATIONS" sign-up list is located and put your name on it, and your house preference. YOU MUST BE ON THE LIST TO SWITCH ROOMS. Room priority is given to the current member occupying the room. 2nd priority is given to current members on the room allocation list, this includes any returning member with the exception of members returning in the fall**. Priority is given to the first person on the list. 3rd priority is given to new members in order of the date of deposit. If more than one room opens up, a choice is given. If you don't want the room/s offered to you, you can pass, your name will remain on the list, and the room/s will be offered to the next person on the list. The next open room will be offered to you and the process is repeated until you are satisfied. If you choose to take a room offered to you, you are crossed off the list. If no one on the list wants an open room, the room will go to the new member with the earliest deposit. ALL ROOM CHANGES MUST GO THROUGH THE OFFICE, unless changes are internal (co-oper X wants to swap with co-oper Y). However, if Co-oper Z has been on the list for Co-oper X's room this internal switch may not occur, because Co-oper Z has priority over Co-oper Y for Co-oper X's room. Also, if co-oper X moves out, co-oper Y cannot just move into co-oper X's room, because there may be someone on "THE LIST" ahead of him/her. **Co-opers who go away for the summer, (but lived in SCA during spring term) will have the option of living in the same room when they return in the fall, or they can choose to change rooms. Either way, a room preference must be given to the Recruitment Coordinator before they leave at the end of Spring Term. If you do not tell the Recruitment Coordinator your choice, either because you don't care, or because you forgot, you will be randomly assigned a room along with all the other new members. If you choose to live in the room you lived in, you will get it. If you choose to switch rooms you must put your name on the list.

2. SPECIAL SUMMER PROVISION During Summer Term, SCA will fill all available rooms as singles. Should a current or potential member wish a double room for the summer, they will need to find their own roommate. Summer Term Double Rate will be 80% of the single rate.

3. 30-DAY NOTICES The Membership Committee will perform a mid-term survey to determine vacancies for the upcoming term. By responding on a timely basis to this survey, this constitutes a member's 30-day notice as required in the membership contract. (Deposits will only be returned to a member if this 30-day notices has been given.) If a member is unsure whether they will be staying or leaving, they must play the game of chance:

  • A.If a member states on the survey that they will not be leaving at the end of the term, and end up leaving, they will not receive their deposit back unless SCA fill the vacancy they created by leaving without notice.
  • B.If a member states on the survey that they will be leaving at the end of the term, and then decide to stay, they have lost all rights to their room. If SCA has already filled their room, they will need to accept the next available room, which may even be in another house.


  • A.In cases of double rooms, if a member’s roommate moves out before the end of the term, the member still pays double room rates for the rest of that term.
  • B.If a member is living in a double without a roommate they will pay the full cost of the double room (both double spaces) until a roommate turns up. However, if SCA finds a roommate the member must be cooperative and accept him/her or SCA will ask the member to move into a single or pay the full cost of the double room (both double spaces) right away. SCA will also ask the member to pay the full cost of the double room (both double spaces) and/or move into a single right away if the member makes the room uncomfortable and/or unattractive to potential roommates. If no single is available in the member’s house, they may be asked to move to a single in a different house.
  • C.If a roommate turns up, it will be converted back to a double and both people pay double rates.
  • D.If a member wishes to live in a double by themselves they will pay full cost of the double (both double spaces) and no roommate will be assigned. Only 2 rooms per house per term can be converted to singles. Conversion lasts only for one term. Permanent conversions can be made only by board approval. Singles can be converted to doubles at any time if no doubles are available in SCA; there must be a pair of roommates making this request. Triples can be created if needed and agreed upon by all 3 potential roommates, with the rate for each member to be determined by the SCA Business Office.
(As revised and approved by the board of directors Dec. 5, 2016)

A member must receive approval from the board of directors to occupy a double room by themselves. The room rate will be calculated as follows: If a member moves into a double with the intention of having a roommate, they have a one term grace period where they pay a reduced double room rate (equal to rate paid with a roommate) and then pay the full double room rate (equal to double room rate without a roommate and excluding the second food plan) after the grace period ends. After the first term, you must receive board approval to either continue occupying the double and pay the full double room rate or appeal to continue paying the reduced rate. Members wanting to move into a double without the intention of having a roommate must also receive board approval and pay the full doubles room rate without the grace period.