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Photocopier Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors January 27, 1993

1. The SCA copier is to be used for SCA business. Any member may use the copier for items that pertain to SCA.

2. The copier door shall be locked whenever it is not in use. The office helper and the business manager are the only official "holders of the combo." They may disclose this information at their discretion. However, once another member knows the combination to the lock, he or she may not disclose it to other members. They may unlock the door for another member, but they may not give the combination out.

3. Inside of the copier closet shall be a tally sheet for members to keep track of their non-SCA business copying. This sheet will be tallied up at the end of each term and every member will be charged $ 0.05 for every copy recorded. This sheet is an on-your-honor record. This money can either be tacked on to the following terms fees, or paid at check out, or withheld from their deposit, which ever one is applicable.

4. Double sided copies shall be made whenever possible. A double-sided copy counts as two copies for payment purposes, making the cost $ 0.10 per copy.

5. Only recycled, unbleached paper shall be used, unless absolutely impossible to obtain.