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Meal Refund Policy

(As Revised and Approved by Board of Directors August 5, 1997)

1. Submitting Requests. Each week, the menu planners plan the menus for the upcoming meal week. To give the menu planners the opportunity to plan for any absences, all meal refund requests must be made to the kitchen coordinators before the meal in question is planned. Only requests made before the first day of the menu week in which a refund is requested will be honored. Kitchen coordinators will be responsible for recording refund requests and relaying them to the menu planners.

2. Refund Amounts. Refunds will be issued for lunch and dinner meals only. The amounts of these refunds are the values listed in the yearly budget for these meals.

3. Refund Restrictions. Lunch refunds will be made only for those absent 11:30 a.m. through 2:30 p.m. Dinner refunds will be made only for those absent 5:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m.

4. Full Day Meal Refunds. Full day meal refunds, including those amounts set aside for general consumption and breakfast items, may be made if a member is expected to be completely out of the house for one (1) week or longer. These refunds must be approved by the Kitchen Coordinator as well as the House Treasurer.

5. Special Summer Policy. Most of the food purchased during summer term tends to be for general consumption rather than specific meals. Because of this, refunds are not given for missed daily meals: only Full Day Meal Refunds are given during summer terms (see Section IV. above).

6. Refund Transactions. All refunds will be made after the missed meals except where the kitchen coordinator approves payment for special circumstances. No checks will be written for under $5.00 except at the end of the term. Meal refunds are paid by check out of the house food account, or credited directly to a member's account. To receive a refund, a Meal Refund Request Form must be completed by the member and checked by a kitchen coordinator. Refunds in the form of a check will be written by the kitchen coordinators in accordance with the Meal Refund Request Form, and signed by any two eligible check signers. Checks may only be written to members whose fee payments are current. Therefore, the Meal Refund Request Form must be reviewed by the house treasurer who checks the member's financial standing. If the member requesting the meal refund is delinquent in payment of his/her membership fees, the meal refund must be credited to his/her account. For refunds to be credited to a member's account, a Meal Refund Request Form, signed by the Kitchen Coordinator and House Treasurer, must be submitted to the Business Manager.

7. Only current house members are eligible for meal refunds: guests, outsiders, and boarders are not.