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Interim Coordinator

The House Interim Coordinator stays during the break between terms and generally takes on all elected jobs of the house: Membership Coord, Treasurer/Secretary, Maintenance Coord, Job Coord, etc. The Interim Coordinator shall be elected by each house at least three weeks before the end of Fall, Winter and Spring Terms. The House Interim Coordinator shall serve through the interim until new house officers are elected the following term.


  • Provide continuity between the fall and winter terms, winter and spring terms, and spring and summer terms.
  • Coordinate house jobs and security during the interim periods.
  • Stock the kitchen and coordinate house meals for the first couple of days of the new term.
  • Serve as the primary contact for new and prospective members.


  • Food and Kitchen: Before the end of the term, work out a meal plan for the first few days of the next term with the current Kitchen Coordinator. Compile a list of bulk items that should be ordered during the interim. The bulk items should be scheduled to arrive on the Friday before the first day of classes, as meals should start on Saturday.
  • Coordinate house dinners for the few days before the first house meeting.
  • Working with the other houses, coordinate the General Membership Dinner & General Membership Meeting.
  • House Jobs: Coordinate jobs which MUST be done during the interim to keep the house functioning.
  • Membership: meet with either the current House Membership Coordinator or SCA Corporate Membership Coordinator prior to the end o f the term to review membership forms, move-outs, and move-ins.
  • During interim, give prospective members tours, and handle all phone calls and any other membership inquiries.
  • Take applications and accept deposits from prospective members. Write receipts for deposits and take to the office. Have the house house treasurer show you how to do this before the term ends.
  • Make sure all new members are given a house tour, general orientation, and a membership handbook as soon as they get here. Check them into their room and give them house and room keys. The Interim Coordinator may ask other members to give the tour and orientation.
  • Review house membership status with newly-elected House Membership Coordinator and/or SCA Corporate Membership Coordinator at the beginning of the new term.
  • Make sure the house is secure each evening: doors closed & locked, windows shut, lights off.
  • Deal with guests if there is a problem—ask for help when/if necessary.
  • House Meetings: make sure the first House Meeting is scheduled (and notices posted 3-4 days in advance), no later than the first day of the term. Usually scheduled the day after the General Membership Meeting.
  • The SCA Chairperson and/or Business Manager should be contacted during the actual interim period if the Interim Coordinator has any questions about their job during that time.
    • Winter-Break and Summer-Break interim coord receives 4 job points for the following(winter or fall) term.
    • Spring Break Interim Coordinator receives 3 job points for the following(spring) term.