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Events Policy


1.General Party/Events Guidelines

SCA houses are not available for rent/lease/loan to outside agencies or individuals for parties, benefits, etc..; outside groups may make a proposal but all parties/events will be coordinated by house members.  Parties/Events must be proposed at a house meeting.  Each house retains the right to approve/block any event.  The proposal must include purpose and schedule of events.  All houses/members will follow all federal, state, and local laws.  Each house may maintain a more detailed party/event policy.

2. Party vs. Event

Parties are only on Fridays or Saturdays, and will be staffed with security throughout the house. Parties may include live bands or djs, have parts of the house blocked off, and offer paid admission to the public.

Events can be held on any night and may or may not be open to the public.  Events usually do not include amplified music but may include amplified videos or lectures.

3. Party Training

There will be a Events Policy review and Know Your Rights Training before the first party/event of the fall term.  Social coordinators are responsible for arranging a Know Your Rights refresher training before the first party/event of winter AND spring terms.

4. Party Advertising

Ads for parties/events may not include discriminatory or offensive themes or references to the use of drugs or alcohol.  Parties/Events may be advertised on house Facebook pages, so long as the Social Media Policy is followed.

5. Alcohol and Parties

The houses will not sell or serve Alcohol.  SCA funds will not be used to purchase alcohol.

6. Money and Parties

Houses may charge money for admission and swag only; charging for alcohol is prohibited.

7. Party Approval and Responsibility

Parties/Events must be proposed at a house meeting.  Each house retains the right to approve/block any event within their house.  The proposal must include purpose and schedule of events.  All houses, members and sponsored groups will follow all federal, state, and local laws.  Individual houses, their members and sponsored groups are responsible for all aspects and ramifications of a party/event.

8. Notification (to other houses) of parties

Houses must coordinate to avoid holding parties/events on the same day. Corporate Social coordinator will note all parties/events on the SCA calendars.

9. Neighbor Relations and Parties

In order to maintain good relations with their neighbors, the social coordinators shall inform their neighbors of any parties at least 5 days in advance.  Notification shall include a list of house contacts and phone numbers of those who will be present and points of contact for the party/event.

10. Safety and Security at Parties

While it is understood that party/event attendees are responsible for the safety of their own actions, the house is responsible for organizing sufficient house security, safe space(s), adequate water supply, and a first aid kit before a party/event.  Designated party/event coordinator(s) shall ensure that the house complies with federal, state, and local laws before and during the party/event.

11. Ending Time of Parties

Electronically amplified music shall end no later than 10:00 pm.  Music/videos/presentations shall end no later than 2:00 am at which time the official party/event must end and the main entrance must stop allowing attendees into the house.  At the end of the party/event, security must sweep through the house, and any individuals who are not accompanied by a member of the house must be made to leave the property.  Party/Event security must ensure that guests exiting the party do not create a disturbance in the surrounding neighborhood.

12. Post-party Review

There will be a review of all parties/events no later than the first regular house meeting after the party/event.

13. Enforcement of Party Policy

The Corporate Board of the SCA will hold all houses accountable to this policy.

14. Updates

This policy may be amended by the corporate board to reflect the current needs of the SCA.