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Boarders and Boarding Policy

What is a Boarder?

  • A boarder is a person who eats at the co-ops but does not live on the premises.
  • One is eligible to become a boarder during any of SCA's resident terms; since there are no provisions for food service during the interim breaks, there is no boarding during those breaks.
  • A "full" boarder is one who eats more than 10 meals a week in the co-ops; a "partial" boarder is one who eats 10 or less.
  • Currently, we are only providing house dinner meals as an option for boarders.
  • House dinners are hearty, home-cooked, nutritious, and primarily organic meals.
  • House dinners are vegan and vegetarian friendly. Please specify any other specific food needs.

Application to Become a Boarder

  1. A boarder applicant must complete a boarder application, and submit a deposit of $60.00 prior to boarding.
  2. When completing the application, the applicant must determine the number of weekly meals desired, and pay all boarding fees agreed to in the contract in advance.
  3. There is a two-week minimum requirement for all boarding contracts.

Boarding Meal Costs

  1. Boarding Meal Costs shall be determined by the Financial Committee in conjunction with the budgeting process each Winter Term.
  2. The Current Boarding Rates are as follows:
   * Dinner: $4.04 per meal

Boarder Privileges

  1. All boarders may ask for late plates to be set aside for them when they will be late for meals for which they have contracted and paid.
  2. Any boarder who signs a full-term boarding contract may participate in all meetings and run for office.
  3. Any boarder is eligible for meal refunds on the same basis as resident members.

Boarder Responsibilities

  1. All boarders are required to do 1/4 job points, regardless of number of meals eaten.
  2. It is the boarders' responsibility to meet with the house job coordinator on the first day of boarding to be assigned house jobs for the term.
  3. Boarders are required to follow all SCA policies and rules as required of resident members.

See the official boarding policy for the nitty and gritty details of boarding with us. (It should read very similar to this information)