Corporate Meeting 3 Apr 2007

3 April 2007 Corporate Meeting

Present: Trip, Catherine, Aaron, Taylor, Melissa, Sequoia, Tim, Becky, James, Melanie, Eric, Cole, Christy, Pete, and Heather


  • Thursday (today), April 5, 6:30 pm - General interest 2 hour bike workshop at the Lorax bike room. Advocacy, activism, and repairs.
  • Friday, April 6, 4:30 pm. The Vortex. Garden Caucus meeting. What to plant and how to make this garden-venture work.
  • April 12, 7 pm: Dinner at the Campbell Club with 23 freshmen from a class Pete's TAing. Discussion on 'zines. Watermelon carving after dinner!!!
  • April 13: Halloween in Spring party at the Campbell Club
  • Alley Bazaar! Coming up two weeks after WestCo....stayed tuned for details.
  • PROM!!! Coming up in May. If you're interested in working on a committee, talk to Pete. Possible theme = 80s??

Co-Op Goals for the Term

Gardening (Catherine) Plumbing for the Lorax (Trip, Taylor) Yard work (Sequoia) Transitioning through the great JS Exodus (Tim) The Lorax Speakeasy (James) Membership open houses (Becky) Chill, midweek, acoustic-y parties (Christy) Mud People events (Christy) "Rockin' the wiki" (Melanie) Accessing local food programs (Cole) "For the SCA to gain omnipotence and control of the world." (Eric)


The WestCo conference in Santa Cruz is STILL COMING UP and you should STILL STAY TUNED for more information. May 4-5. If you want to go, register (go the website which is on...the wiki!) DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS APRIL 17. James is looking into Green Tortoise buses so we wouldn't have to drive down. Talk to Pete, Cole, or James to get involved or get info.

Corporate Financial Review

Rent is due this week...and that means some people could be up for corporate review if they are significantly in debt. Here's how the debt review process will work:

  • People up for review will be notified. Eric will notify house treasurers by April 6th (this Friday).
  • They will be given 2 weeks before a review meeting. During that time, they can either make a payment or formulate a plan about how they are going to pay off the debt.
  • At the review meeting, the board and the member up for review will discuss the plan; decisions on accepting, revising, or rejecting the plan will follow.

Tentative requirements for budget plans *including specific dates, figures, preparations *Weekly check-ins with house treasurers *explanations of extenuating circumstances *payment completed by term's end. REMEMBER, you come up for review when you're $1000 (one whole term's rent) behind

State of the Janet Smith

Question: will the JS be full next year (~12 people are leaving at term's end) Christy and Becky will begin looking into ways of luring new graduate students in (talking to University Housing and graduate recruiting officers)

Election of the 2nd 1/2 of Corporate Maintenance

Trip was elected to share the corporate maintenance position with James until he leaves in May. Keep your eyes peeled for possible maintenance skill shares workshops

Lorax Plumbing

Water is dripping in the basement of the Lorax and the third floor is without hot water. The corporate board consensed to use $200-600 of corporate maintenance money (as per the contractor's very specific estimate!!!) in order to fix the plumbing.

Garden Plots

The SCA didn't get a community plot in the lottery, but Trip's friends got two! We're using the formerly allocated money to buy the 10' by 20' plot, at Alton Baker. A garden caucus will be forming - head to the Vortex at 4:30, Friday April 6 to discuss what to plant and how to make this a wonderful tri-house bonding, dirt-covered adventure.

Wiki Talk

How public should the wiki be? And how much information should be available on it? These discussions will take place at the house level this coming week.

Corporate Food Coordination

We discussed the possibility of adding a corporate food coordinator position. While it was decided that it would only be extra bureacracy, there is a movement now to coordinate between house food-coords in order to combine our buying power and get access to companies that won't sell in smaller amounts.