Corporate Meeting 29 May 2007

Corporate Meeting, 29 May 2007 NOT the Lorax....but over in the lawn. Ah, summer.

Present: Christy, Becky, Monica, Melanie, Sequoia, Lindy, Melissa, Tim, James, Cole, Pete, Paige (JS), Eric, Kathryn (I'm sorry I spell your name differently every time I type it. How DO you spell it?)

Walking/Biking By: Well, I saw Jake, Amanda, C, Phoenix, Taylor, Luke, Run...


  • Lorax Open House. This Thursday, May 31, 8-10 pm. Remember the last two? You know you always have to finish the trilogy. Show up and show potential housemates a good time.
  • Bike Prom! This Saturday, June 2, 8 pm. Meet in the Alley! Bring your bikes and your finery!
  • And by the way...PROM! Saturday, June 2. Campbell Club.

Check-In Fun

  • Some concerns were raised about membership processes. The JS, unlike the other 2 houses, admits new members by consensus. Is this too elitist and/or slow? For the time being, the process will continue. Also, it was brought up that the CC and the Lorax consensed that they want to meet everyone at dinner before they move in.
  • Christy is going to Mexico for the summer. Cole is going to spend the Mexico in summer. Subtle differences.

Summer Work-Trade Proposals

The corporate board heard 3 proposals for summer work-trade projects.

James (Lorax)

  • Landscape/redesign of a portion of the Lorax front yard. All the garden beds in the yard would be preserved or redistributed.
  • The total cost of the project (flagstone; wood; joining materials) was estimated at $500.
  • The final result will be a sweet patio hang-out area in a part of the yard that hasn't been able to grow anything due to too many shade trees.
  • James will be coming up with a plan to deal with potential drainage problems.
    • The corporate board consensed to give James work-trade for the summer to complete this project!!

Lindy (Lorax)

  • Moss removal and gutter cleaning from the Lorax roof, as well as the CC and JS rooves if time requirements were not met.
  • If time still remained, Lindy would clean the Lorax windows.
  • Phoenix has offered to rig up climbing equipment for Lindy to complete this project safely.
  • Lindy has scraped moss off of rooves before
  • No costs were expected.
  • Quote of the moment: Eric - "Well, we had a bid of $250 to remove all the moose from the JS roof."
    • The corporate board had concerns about liability and insurance risks, which it is asking Lindy to look into before representing her proposal next week

Paige (JS)

  • Working with Heather(?) Paige is planning on refinishing the floors of the dining room and front two living rooms of the Janet Smith.
  • Estimated hours for this project were 85.
  • Estimated cost of this project (stain, seal, finish, solvent, equipment rental, and miscellaneous hardware) was estimated at $2600.
  • It's unclear whether there actually is hardwood underneath the current linoleum floor of the JS dining room.
    • The corporate board asked Paige to find out whether there actually was hardwood underneath the floor and establish whether Heather would be helping with the project (and if this would effect rental times/costs)

And So, Next Week, the Process Continues...

  • Lindy and Paige will represent their proposals.
  • There is now another week for potential proposals - anyone can present them, though priority will be given to CC proposals, since no one has yet given one from that house.

Financial Check-In

  • Eric wants us to seriously consider enforcing the existing (harsher) policy of debt collection.
  • Think about it - if every member had $1000 of debt, the SCA would have a debt of ~ $70,000 ("$69,930," Tim whispered.)
  • Should we start slowly enforcing harsher policies of corporate review and start working towards a 0 debt policy?
  • Rent is due on June 1st!!!
  • Since the corporate board does NOT meet over the summer, members coming up for corporate review will be notified immediately after the June 1st deadline.
  • NEXT CORPORATE MEETING WILL BE MEMBERSHIP REVIEWS!!! If you get a notice, come to the meeting next week.

Summertime, Summertime

  • The JS will not have an interim coordinator because the house is going to be busting at the seams and they will have a pretty full job system in place.
  • The Lorax and CC will be discussing summer plans at their meetings this week. Check out the job description for interim coordinator in the policy book and see if you want to do it!

Let's Give Sequoia Money

  • The corporate board agreed to give Sequoia $8 of the money alloted for gardening to pay for some tomatoes she bought for the garden at the Saturday market. That's tomato plants, not tomatoes as in the red vegetables. Not yet.
  • By the way, check out the garden. It's looking good. Tomato donut? Check. Elevated beds of awesome? Check. Weeds? Check.

Recruitment Coordinator

  • The search for a new recruitment coordinator continues...Pete is considering applying for the position.
  • We HAVE to hire a recruitment coord soon so that things get done over the summer.
  • The hiring committee will be meeting in the coming week if any random applications just happen to come in.

Next Week

  • Cole will be sending out a proposal through email. It's a very mysterious, secretive proposal. Seriously, we don't know anything about it. But read it and discuss it at house meetings.
  • Next week will involve review of the corporate positions. Each corporate member will come with prepared statements about points, potential changes to the position, and other sundry shtuff. This will also be a discussion about the new positions of bike coord and corporate historian.