Corporate Meeting 22 May 2007

Corporate Meeting 5/22

Present: Max, Taylor, Cole, James, Eric, Melissa, Christy, Melanie, Becky, Pete, Lindy, Paige


  • James is gathering information for replacing the CC and Lorax windows
  • Fees are due on June 1st!!
  • Open House at the Janet Smith, desserts galore, 8-10pm, Thursday, May 24
  • Saturday, May 26th, benefit party at the Campbell Club for Haunted House Records. Photo booth! Bake sale!
  • Prom is June 2nd!
  • June 8 - the Campbell Club is having a speakeasy party/benefit to raise money for the co-oper from Berkeley that was beaten up a few weeks ago.

Lillian's Proposal

  • The Lorax decided that it was not in the best interests of the house to have Lily temporarily fill the recruitment coordinator position.
  • No other applications have been submitted yet, but we'll keep looking.

Summer Work Trade Proposals

  • Final Proposal Presentations, Written and Detailed, are going to be heard at this upcoming corporate meeting on Tuesday. ONLY DETAILED PROPOSALS will be listened to.
  • We have had a few ideas preliminarily presented already:
    • Lindy (Lorax) wants to scrape moss off of the roof of the Lorax and clean the gutters. She has access to ropes and a harness as well as people to help her rig it up. If the project takes less than 65 hours, she'll do it for other houses too OR wash the Lorax windows. She has all her tools, so there are no costs. And have no fear - she has rappelled from buildings before.
    • James (Lorax) wants to turn a large portion of the left-hand front yard of the Lorax into a courtyard fit to rival the Zami! courtyard in Santa Cruz. This project would involve trellises bordering the front walk, flagstones,flower beds, perhaps a legacy tree to be planted? Costs would include lumber and flagstones. He has done landscape architecture before. He will be bringing a preliminary sketch to next week’s meeting.
    • Taylor (Lorax) wants to fix the Lorax floors by belt-sanding them and covering them with a polyurethane lacquer. He would have to do this 3 times over. He will be working with Brendan, whose father is an industrial contractor. Costs would mainly include sandpaper.
    • Paige (Janet Smith) also wants to play the floor fixing game by refinishing the dining room floor in the JS. She has to find out if there is actually hardwood underneath the grimy linoleum; she'll either refinish the wood or put in new linoleum.

Summer Proofing The houses will be discussing "summer-preparedness plans" at their house meetings this week. Some things to consider:

  • Guesting policies
  • Squatting - people coming into houses that are not co-opers.
  • Job policies for the summer
  • Food-sharing plans? (SCA does not do food budgets for the summer).
  • Rent for the summer, regardless of your room, is $650. Double-rates are available only if you have a roommate and leave in a real, true, double-like situation.
  • There are interim coordinator positions over the summer - job descriptions in the policy book. Should we compensate this position with points? money? rent compensation? Do you want to be that special someone?
  • Storage is available ONLY for people coming back in the fall; it costs $100.
  • If people want to move into the JS (which is jam-packed for the summer), could we consider having them stay in one of the other 2 houses for the summer until grad-land clears out?