Corporate Meeting 20 Oct 2003

SCA Corporate Board Meeting Minutes October 20, 2003

Attendance- Jesse, Paul, Kate, Ayal, Elizabeth, Melanie, Chris, Richey, Eric, Dinae, Ian

Richey presents the quote for Lorax heating at around $40,000

Jesse inquires as to whether JS should be included in the proposal
The question is raised as to whether the house even needs heat
Melanie says, yes, without a doubt, for reasons of pipes, computers, etc.
Paul wants to know if further research has been done into sustainable heat

-The proposal is tabled pending this research

Melanie announces that the mortgage will be paid off either in November or December

The policy book will be updated

-Elizabeth has two announcements -10/24 all house dinner party -10/30 all house bake sale at book store

Ian wants us to know that a review will be forthcoming