Corporate Meeting 19 Jan 2004

Board Meeting January 19, 2004

Attendance- Richey, John, Thomas, May Matthew JS, Hollis, Amy, Marco, Eric, Ayal, Cedar Laura Ashley Maggie Melanie, Elizabeth, Katie, Dinae Melanie, Kellyn, Chris, Will

Melanie – Around $22,000 to spend, including some vacancies. Rent could be lowered up to $78.

Richey – Has issues with some things House lines – Are business lines, not personal. Melanie thinks lines maybe required by phone line. Ways to get around this > tell phone company we are non-profit, use fake names, use deposits

Utilities – Washing machines are front loaders > available but may be cost prohibitive. SCA pays utilities… Hollis > Regular washers (not coin-operated) Windows in LM & CC > refitted to be energy-friendly

Education > Used? Maintenance, food, newspaper subscriptions… flat amount $720/house

Maintenance > $4100 house/year

Property Tax – Fixed by state, all three houses about $9,000

Insurance >

Around $6,000 in JS $10,000 each at LM & CC. Liability for guests, and SCA assets. Comparison shopping done annually. Amounts are fixed? Expenses >

Professional staff (Melanie & Ben) {$15,000 & $7,000} Consulting & Professional fees >

$9700 Accountant, lawyer fees. Accoutant bids? Ashley will do research into average fees. Office Expenses > $3,000 Supplies, telephone, etc.

Corp. Ed > $600 Has been lowered

Bad debts > $1700 uncollected fees

Miscellaneous > $5000 early payment Thomas thinks that the discount works as an incentive Bring up next week

Operating reserve > $28,000 in bank.


Maintenance meeting > skill sharing, large maintenance issues > 2nd floor CC showers

Secretary – New Policy books are out

Education – Making pipes, silkscreening, making binders, beer workshop?

Membership – Work party, making flyers, bake sale 01.29.03

Finance – Meeting with Melanie & Food Coords. 01.22.03 3:30pm

Next meeting 01.26.03 Campbell Club 7:00PM