Corporate Meeting 17 Nov 2003

SCA Board Meeting 11.17.03

Attendance – Richey, Ian, Katie, Chris, Elizabeth, Paul, Eric, Dinae, Hollis, Melanie, Ben

Policy Book- Richey needs to re-email it to Eric, will re-do

Alice’s NASCO report- She is sick, tabled

Elizabeth- Four applicants in have not returned.

All houses dinner 12.05.03.

Frisbee Saturday

Do we need to add a column to the member spreadsheet regarding banning?

Discussion ensues, Harassment & Membership will be working on it

Education- Nothing to report, Hollis is working on a brewing workshop, bike maintenance?, chalkboard? Eric will add skill trades page to website

Harassment- Wants to define more clearly harassment parameters, SASS workshop?

Maintenance- Wants to organize a work party, will be gone

Finances- CC is in trouble with Food Account, Melanie paid taxes, overall we are good