Corporate Meeting 17 Apr 2007

Corporate Meeting, 4/17, The (really cold) Lorax (getting hailed on)

Present: everyone and their (collective) mom, including: Phoenix, Amanda, Katie, Max, Sequoia, Monica, Melissa, Tim, Eric, Kyle, Danny, James, Becky, Anya, Taylor, Brittany, Cole, Trip, Christy, Catherine, Pete, Melanie, and Amy. Phewwwwwww!!!!


  • Wednesday, April 18, 7:00 pm, Lorax: Discussion on relationships between co-ops and the police. Meet with Anja, Wolf, and Max to discuss parties, relations with the neighbors, and, naturally, the police.
  • Thursday April 19, 6:00 pm, EMU: Take Back the Night March against violence - with Samba Ja. "I expect you all to be there." -Anja
  • Friday April 20, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Survival Center: Celebration Party! Stop by the Survival Center, lower level in the EMU, and celebrate the SC NOT getting locked out of their office! It'll be fun. We promise.
  • Monday, April 23, 6:30 pm, Lorax: Trihouse Toilet Skill Share! Learn how to fix a toilet! Learn how not to use a toilet. "Feel free to bring your dinner!" - Trip
  • VOTE THIS WEEK. Yes, again. Last week was the primary election. Time to do it again. If you want to read an article on the election, check out today's (Wednesday, 4/18) edition of the Daily Emerald. If you want to ask candidate Emily questions, email
  • Christy made car and bike stickers for co-opers. Check with her if you want one. They are RAD.
  • The corporate historians should be throwing up some bad-ass stuff on the wiki soon. If you actually ever looked at the wiki, then you'd see it. (hint hint).

Police Update

  • Cole finally heard back from a lieutenant from the Eugene Police Department regarding the events of 3/17.
  • If you don't yet know, the event referred to here is an undercover SUV coming the wrong way up Alder to deliver 4 policemen at the CC in order to deliver a noise violation.
  • The department says that the co-ops have a history of being intimidating and claim that callers on co-op noise violations refuse to leave their names.
  • We can request these tactics to be changed if we go before the department commission.
  • For our last party, Anja distributed fliers to neighbors w/in a 1-block radius that included her phone number.
  • The CC got a $750 noise violation anyway.
  • If these things concern you, go to the meeting at the Lorax tonight.
  • We also are hoping to start a discussion of ways to reach out to our community, evaluate what our parties contribute to the communities, and improve community impressions of the co-ops.
  • Monica is interested in setting up some kind of neighborhood copwatch.
  • REMEMBER, the police are just doing their job and we have to find ways of working with them.
  • Melanie might have a potential contact for an advocate within the police department for us.

Corporate Membership Reviews

  • According to new corporate policy, we held our first membership reviews. Members behind by more than one term's rent were asked to come to the corporate meeting, present a payment plan that will resolve debt issues by the end of spring quarter, and explain their particular circumstances.
  • Corporate policy states that all debt information within the co-op should be public information. If you have a particular concern about debt within the co-ops, talk to your house treasurer.
  • The corporate board also discussed a new corporate review policy to deal with not showing up for a corporate review. In summary, individuals will be served with a second notice and given one week to respond. Within that week, individuals must contact a member of the corporate board, pay off 1/3 of their outstanding debt, and agree to come to the next corporate meeting or send an advocate with a proxy. Otherwise, a 72-hour notice of eviction will be given to that individual one week from the time of their second notice.
  • The corporate board will review this process next week and vote on whether to make it permanent policy.
  • Next week will also include discussion of outstanding debts from individuals that have already moved out from the co-op community.

JS Washer/Dryer

  • The JS is asking for $1500 of corporate maintenance money to buy a new industrial washer and dryer.
  • They have been having issues with their current one, including frequent breakdowns and further damage when the company comes out to repair it. This is not to mention the jamming coin mechanism on the washer that requires a paintbrush to pry it open or causes Monica and Melissa to flap their hands in pain.
  • The proposed washer/dryer up for purchase are both EnergyStar machines, and the purchase includes a full 5-year warranty that covers parts and labor.
  • Next week, Aaron and/or Sequoia of the JS will present info. on whether the machines are gas/electric, whether an extended warranty can be purchased, what the machines' energy efficiency is, and the costs and frequency of industrial machines breaking. The corporate board will then vote on whether maintenance money will be given for this as a capital improvement.

Tandem Bike

  • Taylor has located a potential tandem bike for the Campbell Club.
  • This bike costs $550 and it is (and I quote) "decked out."
  • This bike would make it easier for the CC, which transports most of its food by bicycle, to haul trailers with 500 + pounds of food. Think about it.
  • Taylor is going to propose this to the CC at their Sunday meeting.
  • Next week will include discussion of whether the corporate board would subsidize 1/2 the price of the bike AS WELL AS what counts as a capital improvement and what corporate maintenance money should be used for.


  • Point of info: If you do a workshop, your $15 registration fee will be waived.
  • By the way, there's a $15 registration fee. James is looking into whether we can register as a block.
  • Be watching your email - James will be sending out a message saying SIGN UP NOW OR FIND YOUR OWN TRANSPORTATION. He'll lay out more details about what specifically you need to do then.
  • Pete's looking into whether the Survival Center has the funds to help fund us.
  • We might have to pay for part of it, kids. Vans are expensive.
  • We're also considering some personal vehicles as transportation options.
  • Tentative departure plans: leaving at 6:00 on Friday morning and coming back either late Sunday or Monday afternoon. Another van might leave early Thursday for some camping or sailing fun in Cali!
  • Corporate funds will be able to put at least $2000 towards WestCo.
  • So, STAY TUNED for registration deadlines, departure times, van-driving training, and other logistical things YOU need to do to go to the hottest conference of the spring :)