corporate meeting 15 Oct 2008

Check-In: Melanie, George, Ann, Katie, Erich, Thomas (by Proxy:Ruth), Late: Jasmine.

1) Proposal: To take $609.00 from Corporate Maintenance to pay for the Janet Smith floor refinishing costs Passes.

2)WESTCO discussion: all 3 houses discussed this at their respective meetings, and mostly decided that we would be willing to have it here at the Lorax/Campbell Club, but wouldn't get in the way of any other co-ops that would like to have WESTCO someplace else (rumor has it that it's Berkley's turn next). So we're sending word with our 3 delegates to NASCO that they should say we're "Willing but not absolutely desperate to have it here."

3)Membership updates:
        --they still want your "proof of student status" documents and SCA Contracts from anyone who has avoided doing this.
        --the new membership policy (as sent out on email lists/announced at house meetings) was voted on at the last membership meeting.
        --they are looking into getting grants to fund house improvement projects, such as landscaping for the Campbell Club, and improvements to make houses otherwise
           more sustainable
        --changes are going to be made to the membership application: 1) an area for listing references will be added, 2) some of the wording will be changed/updated, and 3) it               will be more informative about what to expect during the application process.
        --membership/The SCA will have tables at two events next week--the Sustainable Foods event on Wednesday at the EMU, and at the OUS Sustainability conference on                   Friday.
        --Upcoming cooperative community events that pretty much seem to revolve around the Campbell Club include the Campbell Club's cornmaze trip being planned for                       Friday, a trip to a pumpkin patch including donuts and cider on sunday the 26th, and a pumpkin-carving party on the Wednesday/Thursday before Halloween.  Also there               is talk of a joint Thanksgiving feast amongst the houses, and an eventual SCA Reunion/party.

4)NASCO Funding update: Jasmine returned from the ASUO Senate meeting at this point during our meeting, announcing we have obtained $940 from them to help two co-opers get to NASCO.

5)Campus Community Relations Task Force (a group somehow related to UO and which aspires to keep college students from consuming alcohol despite the dismal state of our future (economic collapse, climate change, high unemployment, no more cheep oil and trips to Europe, etc. etc. etc.)) had a meeting recently which Eric attended.  Someone at this meeting pointedly brought up the infamous SCA Halloween Party, wondering if it would ruin our neighborhood, etc. etc. Eric defended the SCA well, and pointed out the fact that we are a 60-member community with lots of people working towards running a responsable, successful party.  Afterwards he talked to some law enforcement individuals who asked that we meet with them before the party. Eric plans to represent the SCA and talk with the police(possibly DPS?) prior to the party to assure them that the SCA parties: 1)are always under control, 2)will not have alcohol distributed/sold/provided at them 3)will have good security and prevent fights/assaults and 4) are usually fundraisers.  Additionally we might ask that they send bike cops to patrol the area if they really think its neccessary (rather than car-cops).

The Campbell Club Halloween Party is Friday October 31, with 3 bands and probably a DJ.
WUN (West University Neighbors association) is having a planting party for our new park this Saturday the 18th, from 10am-2pm. --the park is located at 14th and Hilyard. Everyone come and meet more of your neighbors! There will be free beverages and food too!