Corporate Meeting 12 Jan 2004

Board Meeting January 12, 2004

Attendance: Katie, Richey, Melanie, Chris, Ian, Jesse, Elizabeth, Matthew, Hollis, Eric

-Richey asks people to bring proposals for surplus to next meeting, invites general membership.

-Ian sees maintenance as a big priority

-Melanie sees internet as a line item?

-Richey wants to have a maintenance meeting this week.

-Surplus will not exist until next FY

-Elizabeth wants to recruit more people > ideas?

-SASS workshop forthcoming, screenprinting, consensus, too

-Katie wants to talk to food coords and post budgets

-Increase CC membership?

-Ian & Matthew see a variety of causes for moving out.

-Elizabeth > JS international house?

-Richey likes idea of defining houses

-Ian likes idea of art house for CC

-CC improvement ideas are tossed around…

-Property to U of O discussed, to be talked about later…

-Lack of agenda items?

-Jesse says people are in school.

-Policy book for next week

-Compost to Amazon Gardens