Corporate Meeting 12 Apr 2004

April 12, 2004

Attendance: Eric, Katie, Ashley, Melanie, Hollis, Craig, Cedar, Ayal, Jesse (Proxy), Dinae, Ben


Education – Dinae has some stuff going on; policy party to inform people of policies that they may not know about. Term calendar as well. Jesse will look into SCA trip this week. Definite dates soon on CPR/First Aid.

Maintenance – Hollis has sewer bids. Lorax has Hobart problems. CC has shower problems.

Harassment – Things are generally good. Craig wants to write a letter expressing his openness to all problems. As well as clarify how pertinent old complaints.

Membership – Open houses > advertise in EW. We need more advertising.

Dinae wants a big laminate for a generic term so the houses can be apprised of things.

Katie wants to know if we should resurrect the financial committee?

House inspectors for $3400. These would help us prioritize for the future. It would take three days at about eight hours a day. Membership would need to be available. Money would come from capital reserve, with the understanding that nothing else could be done. We should check with his state boards. Vote pending these checks passes.

Jesse & Eric want to have another consensus workshop, finable if you don’t go. Dinae wants to know if we can pay Dan & Bethy. People who don’t go or proxy will be fined $20. Passes.

We out.