Corporate Meeting 10 May 2004

Corporate Meeting May 10, 2004

Attendance: Cedar, Craig, Ashley, Katie, Ayal, Eric, Melanie, Jesse, Beth, Dinae, Ben


Jesse: All three co-ops dinner 05.21.04 at the JS. We’ve been having membership problems. Also, Hollis ordered some dirt.

Craig: Nothing’s going on

Ben: Are we going to have another bake sale? We are going to Aerious May 16. We need to work on flyering the dorms, and WESTCO is coming up

Ashley: All is good

Eric: Needs to look at the website to see what’s wrong with it

Melanie: Will give insurance report when it comes up on the agenda.

Dinae: We are having a tie-dye workshop on the 15th at the Lorax

Katie: We had a finance committee meeting; the JS and LM budgets are balanced

Cedar: Things are good, we’ve had problems with attendance at meetings

Ayal & Eric will look at the policy book

The Insurance Report:

All houses have issues with fire safety. The LM is missing a panel for a fuse box. The CC needs to fix a smoke detector on the 2nd floor. The JS has a water heater with exposed wires, and the door between the hall and dining room needs to be outfitted with a magnetic release. All houses need to get BC fire extinguishers, not AB. Also, the report recommended that we get GFCI outlets & breakers, as well as a developed emergency plan. Also, all three houses need to have access to all four sides of them.

A discussion on what to do with new members in terms of consensus followed, both on the house and overall level. Lots of ideas were expressed, people all agreed that consensus was important but not on how to make it “mandatory.” The idea was put forth that there be four mandatory meetings for new members; house, general membership, new member and consensus. A good discussion, however, nothing was resolved. It was tabled.