Corporate Meeting 10 Apr 2007

10 April 2007 Corporate Meeting

Present: Eric, Taylor, Christy, Melanie, Trip, Becky, Cole, Courtney, Melissa, Sequoia, Pete, James, Paige, Ida


  • THIS THURSDAY - dinner at the Campbell Club followed by WATERMELON CARVING
  • Friday = HALLOWEEN IN SPRING at the Campbell Club. Wear costumes. Dance. Do it for the kids.
  • BIKE WORKSHOP - 6:00 at the Lorax for general workshop; 6:30 wrenching workshop, open to the public!!
  • Thursday, April 20, 9-4, Earth Day Celebration on campus. It will be, according to Cole, a "gratuitous tabling event." Cole has email info if you are interested in having a table. Even if you're not, stop by and check out the many organizations that'll be there.


  • Becky has 3 resumes for the membership coordinator positions! Interviews will be coming soon...
  • Cole sent a letter to the Eugene Police Department about the St. Patty's Day brawl that happened just outside our alley. He's involved in a game of phone tag now, but he'll keep you posted on breaking developments.
  • Eric needs to check-in with the treasurer from the Lorax. If this hasn't happened yet....make it happen!!
  • Taylor's looking into the possibility of a tandem bike for the co-op!?!?!


  • Current plan is to rent vans from the state motor pool (since Green Tortoise no longer does a Seattle-San Franscisco run). Estimated cost (based on last year's #s) is ~ $1100/van. It has also been proposed to charter a non-green bus. If you have opinions or ideas, talk to James.
  • We need people to get certified to drive the vans! Info coming soon. But if you're interested in going and wouldn't mind getting certified to drive one, DO IT.*House reps should be talking to people about WestCo at house meetings this week. WE NEED A PRETTY FIRM LIST BY NEXT TUESDAY'S CORPORATE MEETING. Registration deadline is Monday, April 23rd. Check your schedules and make up your minds.
  • Some people have proposed going down a day early to camp in the redwoods prior to hoofin' it to Santa Cruz. Also tell your house reps if you'd want to do that.
  • Cole has proposed a WestCo job matrix - co-oping all the way down by diveying up the cooking, driving, and other on-the-road needs. Stay posted for more info or talk to Pete/Cole if this intrigues you.

Parking Issues at the JS

  • So....last year there was a wonderful discussion about parking where the following decisions were made: All spaces at the JS are available to all co-opers if members from the other houses help spread gravel in the driveway and park responsibly.
  • There have been problems with people being blocked in and there being insufficient spaces.
  • The JS recently passed a new house policy requiring all house members to leave keys to their car if they're blocking someone in and are leaving the house OR if they're leaving town for a time.
  • The JS needs to have the ability to move cars for house repairs or car access in general.
  • The corporate board passed a policy amendment with two parts:
    • There will be a centralized car list created that includes names and contact info. for anyone parking at the JS.
    • If you are parked at the JS and you go out of town, you must leave your keys with somone w/in the co-op and you must leave contact info. for that person on the centralized car list
  • House whips will gather this car info and bring it back to corporate.
  • Also....remember, kids. We agreed that NO non-coopers should be parking in our spots. Ever. Not even for a day or two. There's street parking available on 17th and 19th.

Compost Bins at the Lorax

  • Our yards are full of rotting vegetables, not compost. Action must be taken.
  • The corporate board approved Courtney's proposal to use $400 of corporate maintenance funds to buy salvage lumber that will be made into ~ 6 new compost bins in the Lorax's back yard.
  • Courtney will work on creating a new composting system that will allow our compost piles to actually sit for a while, get turned, and turn into compost instead of moldering gross wads. Her new system will eventually be posted...where else? The wiki!

Corporate Membership Review

  • If you're up for corporate review, pay money and get out of it before next Tuesday...or face the corporate membership review board!

SCA Garden Plot

  • The corporate board approved a proposal for $250 of corporate maitenance funds to buy compost, some plants, a hose, and sundry other necessities for the new SCA Garden plot.
  • Trip will be accountable for the garden lump-sum.
  • A garden contingent will be rolling out to work between 4:00 and 5:00 on Fridays. The Lorax will be bringing dinner down to the garden ! Any co-oper is welcome.

Ultimate Frisbee and other Sports

  • A team is starting. Sign up. Play hard. Talk to Amanda (CC).
  • On a related note, Sequoia wants to play softball. Think about. No, as a matter of fact, let's do it.