Corporate Meeting 1 May 2007

Corporate Meeting, 5/1, The Campbell Club

Present: Becky, Sequoia, Melissa, Ida, Paige (Lorax), Courtney, Taylor, Cole, Monica, Melanie, Tim, Christy, Max, Eric, Pete, Paige (JS), Katie, Jessica, Amy, Lindy.


  • Membership is working on putting together their open houses. We're hoping to have art up and music played. The dates are as follows:
    • 5/10, Campbell Club
    • 5/24, Janet Smith
    • 5/31, Lorax
  • Trip is getting price quotes for insulating windows in the Lorax and the CC.
  • Lorax compost bins are almost completed...
  • Taylor's going to start giving "themed" bike workshops, focusing on specific parts.
  • Art parties, at the Lorax, every Sunday, 2:00 pm. Bring any art projects that you're working on!
  • Pete is going to the West University neighborhood meeting on Thursday night. He also offered Kappa Delta our support after one member wrote a letter protesting the frat boys who showed up to the Take Back the Night March in tidy whities, waving a flag that said 'Legalize marijuana.'
  • So many events!
    • Reading at Tsunami Books (free wine! sex and war writing!), Friday, 8:00 pm.
    • Party with girl bands at the CC on Friday
    • Party with music at the Lorax on Saturday
    • Awakening the Dreamers conference this weekend
    • Clown activism! Friday, 1pm, the lawn behind the library.
    • Against Patriarchy conference - this weekend. Check out posters in all the houses.

Recruiting Coordinator

  • The search for a new recruitment coordinator continues. Spread the word.
  • Becky will continue to fill in as recruiting coord until the position is filled.

Cole's Matching Grant Proposal

  • Cole wanted to point out "the catch" in his proposal: the matching grant money can be used for significant long term improvements on the SCA that are not necessarily "capital improvements" in the typical sense of the word. HOWEVER, the money cannot be spent on a resource that will be depleted (BAD examples: a large dragon made of PBR for the CC or Foucault popsicles for the JS. Sorry. Didn't catch those ed-zackly).
  • The corporate board consensed to approve Cole's proposal, and it will be incorporated into next year's budget. Start planning those grants for next year.

JS Windows

  • The final bid from the contractor for the JS windows was $11,000.
  • The SCA will also receive a tax-credit of about 25% of that money for putting in the new windows.
  • The proposal, as it stood, was to approve $1800 a year from the corporate maintenance budget in order to pay off the $11,000, 5 year loan and get those new windows installed in the JS. The board consensed on this proposal.
  • For those curious, the corporate maintenance budget averages around $18,000 a year.


  • The corporate board continued to discuss teh issue of banning within the co-ops, particularly what it means to ban someone within a three-house community.
  • Some of the questions raised were:
    • If an individual is banned from one house, should (s)he be banned from all houses?
    • Is there a difference if a person is banned for personal vs. safety reasons?
    • What is a ban-able offense?
    • What would happen if someone were banned because someone was uncomfortable with his/her race/religion/sexuality?
  • At the next corporate meeting, we will revisit the current policy on banning (found on p. 21 in the SCA Handbook).
  • The corporate board did agree that if someone is banned in a house, this information should be shared quickly with the other houses so that they can make their own decisions about how they want to respond.

WestCo (yes, again)

  • Pete is bringing a proposal to the Survival Center to try and get some supplemental funds
  • Lists of exactly who's going will be gathered from all 3 houses by next week's meeting.
  • The rough plan, as it stands, is that each house will kick in $100 from its budget, plus an additional $10/person going (to be paid either by the individual or in some other way that the house designates). An addition, oh, say, $700 will be squeezed out from various corporate accounts.
  • There will still be a van leaving early for some Thursday fun of sailing and camping.

Summer Work Trade

  • Each house rep. will announce the possibility for summer work-trade. The way this works is that summer rent is reimbursed at summer's end. Also, any project fees for the work being done will be paid out of the fall corporate maintenance budget.
  • Anyone wishing to apply for summer work-trade will be asked to bring a really, really, really specific proposal to the corporate board. The corporate board will choose from among the applicants by voting and then will consense on the selected final ones.
  • These very specific proposals must include an estimate about the time required to complete the project. BUT THE PROJECT MUST BE COMPLETED, even if it takes much longer than anticipated. If you're lucky, your house can opt to reimburse you for additional hours worked in the fall.
  • There will definitely be the equivalent of one individual's rent ($650) available for each house, to be distributed in whatever way the plan suggests (ie, several people could work together and share the money).
  • More work-trade monies might be available, depending on how much $$ the co-ops can afford to have not come in over the summer. Stay tuned to find out.