Coroporate Meeting 5 Apr 2004

SCA Corporate Board Meeting April 5, 2004

Attendance: Beth, Jesse, Katie, Melanie, Ben, Cedar, Ayal, Dinae, Eric, Hollis, Craig

Ayal wants the houses inspected. Holly Jo said one house two stories $1,000. We’ll pay more, because we've bigger houses.

Melanie says that it will be helpful in determining lifespans of existing equipment.

Ayal apprises people of the committees that they are on.

Consensus workshop is still forthcoming.

Bake sale brought in $56

We are tabling at the HOPES conference (04.16-04.18) Can we have an open house?

Can we charge participants a nominal fee?

No, we've traditionally been a free resource

Meetings will be a 6:30 on Mondays

Problems with others parking their cars on SCA property.

Maintenance committee needs to be in communication with Ayal re: inspections.