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Co-opers in the news

Students Find Home Among Strangers

The Torch, 2010
Co-ops offer an affordable alternative to traditional housing.

Coloring Campbell Club | Colors and Shapes

Ethos Magazine, 2009.
The walls are not left white at the nation’s oldest student co-operative.

Face the Flame

Ethos Magazine, 2009.
On-call wildland firefighters spend their summers eagerly awaiting the opportunity to battle the flames of forest fires in Oregon’s beautiful, unpopulated landscapes. Kevin Kass and
Larry Heusmans, Alumni of the Campbell Club featured.

Rivers In Demand: Exploratory Kayaking Through Biodiversity Hotspots 

Trip Jennings of the Lorax Manner travels through China "to the Great Bend of the Yangtze to complete what may well be the last descent of China's premier rafting river before the whitewater is inundated by the Ahai dam."

BLISS Collective

Oregon Daily Emerald, 2009
Beautiful, Lovely, Intelligent and Super Sexy student group promotes sex-positivity, openness. Co-opers Ariel Howland and Emmalynn Garrett Featured!

Secret Houses

Eugene Weekly, 2008
Eugene's house concert scene is resurfacing. Just don't tell anyone.

Cooperative living gives students the opportunity to co-exist while saving money

The Torch, 2008
Communal living offers a strong sense of community

Communal living is more than just sharing space

Oregon Daily Emerald, 2007
Where the heart is: For Eugene residents, communal living is more than just sharing space 

Group Tackle Climate Crisis

Oregon Daily Emerald, 2007
Our very own Monica Vaughan, of the Janet Smith House, is featured for her work with Rising Tide!

Graduate student co-op ready for residents

Oregon Daily Emerald, 2005
The Janet Smith Cooperative House operates much like other co-ops, but does not allow undergrads

Life as a 'co-oper' can be challenging but enjoyable

Oregon Daily Emerald, 2004
Guest Commentary

Cooperative Liberty

Oregon Daily Emerald, 2001
With and emphasis on sharing, University Co-ops offer a living atmosphere like no other.

JSC encourages a more peaceful way of life

Oregon Daily Emerald, 2000
Recently opened co-op tantalizes students seeking a low cost living arrangement and an environment centered around studying