Date: July 19, 2003


1.  The SCA Secretary is a member of the Board of Directors, elected at a general membership meeting.  The term of office is one year from the date of election.


2.  The SCA Secretary is primarily responsible for the recording and dissemination of information concerned with the government and administration of SCA.


3.  The SCA Secretary is accountable to the Board of Directors and to the general membership for overall performance of the duties as set forth in the SCA By-laws and this position description.


4.   The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Board and General Membership Meetings. These Minutes shall be posted in each house 48 hours after the meeting was held. Meeting minutes should include:

                A.  Date, time, location, and type of meeting.

                B. Members attending the meeting.

                C. Summaries of reports and discussion.

                D. The final wording of any proposals acted upon.

                E. All voting results (those for, against, and abstaining) and consensus results (stand asides, blocks).

                F. Date, time and location of the next meeting.


5. The SCA Secretary, concurrently with the House Secretaries, shall maintain the House and Corporate Policy Books. The SCA Secretary shall concentrate on the corporate sections of the Notebooks. In the event of any corporate policy changes, the Secretary shall revise the Notebook as necessary. The House Notebooks are designed to be a public collection of all government and administrative material of the co-op.


6. The Secretary shall have the power, concurrently with the Chairperson, to affix the seal of the corporation to any instrument requiring the same, and shall attest the authenticity of such an instrument when so required.


7. The Secretary shall give and serve all notices required by law, or the by-laws of this corporation.


8. The Secretary shall have the custody and be charged with the safekeeping of all minutes, current policies and by-laws, and any other documents as instructed by the Board of Directors.


9. The Secretary is expected to attend Consensus Workshops unless excused at least three days in advance by the Chairperson.


10.   Compensation:  The Secretary is compensated 3 job points.