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Moving Out

The time to move out of the co-op seems to come at some point for everyone. There are several things listed below that each person must do when leaving the co-op.


You must give a 30-day notice before moving out of the SCA.


Your House Membership Coordinator will be your contact person for the procedures required in moving out. If you have any questions, talk to them.


You are responsible for the condition of your room. Marred walls and messes are not acceptable things to leave for future members. You will be charged a minimum of $25.00 if you do not clean your room and/or leave the walls painted a neutral color.


All co-op keys in your possession should be returned to the Membership Coordinator.


Before moving out you must fill out a checkout form, which you can get from the Membership Coordinator. If a checkout form is not turned in, you will not get your deposit back. The checkout form includes details about keys, the condition of the room, and work party.


Please do not forget to provide us with a place at which we can contact you: it is important for those forwarding mail as well as for our Business Manager, who will be refunding any deposit due. This address should be given to your house secretary.


If you are leaving the co-op for the foreseeable future, your deposit shall be sent to the address requested within 30 days after the Business Office has received your completed checkout form. Any unpaid fees and/or fines shall be deducted from your deposit, including those necessary to repair damage to, or clean, your room.


All the details in the Moving Out section apply to you except the one concerning deposits. If you will be moving back into the co-op we will keep your deposit on file to reserve your place. Talk to the Membership (or Interim) Coordinator concerning the date on which you will return and your room preferences. If you are storing your things in the co-op in your absence, please note what and where you are storing and label your items clearly. The co-op does not accept responsibility for any items stored, and if you don't come back to claim your items when you say you are going to, they will probably end up in the "Free" pile.