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Membership Handbook


Welcome to the Students' Cooperative Association (SCA). You are now one of many proud owners of our co-op, and we hope you will be able to learn as much by being part of the co-op as have innumerable past owners.

This Owner's Manual is intended to give you a brief introduction to, and overview of, the co-op. Due to the inadequacy of words, what you read here will be nothing like what you experience. In fact, you will probably not learn much here that you would not pick up by living here for a year or so, but it might be good to have at least some idea about what you are getting yourself into If you have just moved into SCA, you will probably want to read the section called Moving In. This section will give an idea of what to expect in your first several days here.

The co-op is made up of people from varied backgrounds coming together to share in the planning, working and living that make our houses homes. If you are here solely because the co-op is an inexpensive place to live, you will not get much more than that out of it. Equal and conscientious participation by the entire membership is the foundation of the co-op. As we work together to make the houses a continually enjoyable place, new friendships form and the community is strengthened.

As you discover for yourself the intricacies of your house, don't forget that there are other houses just down Alder Street. Don't hesitate to make friends with your fellow co-opers; too often the only people visiting the other houses are going to Board meetings.

May the best of luck be with you in making your experience here as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.


The Students' Co-operative Association has been a home to many people just like you. A sense of history is important in a co-op, especially when most members stay for only a year or two. There have been hundreds of members here before you, each of them dedicated to the idea of co-op living, many of them constantly working on improving the co-ops through writing and rewriting by-laws and policies to fit the times, building bike racks, refinishing floors, re-roofing, replacing boilers, hiring employees, acquiring new houses, etc.

The co-op organization has been in existence since 1937 when a handful of students banded together to live more inexpensively in the face of the Depression. Since its inception SCA has owned several different buildings around campus. Campbell Club, purchased in 1962 from a sorority, has withstood riots on Alder Street in the late 60's and its yearly Halloween party. Janet Smith was purchased by SCA in 1981 through the constant effort of a few dedicated members with funding from the National Consumer Cooperative Bank and the West University Neighborhood Association. In the spring of 1990 we acquired the building at 1648 Alder Street, then known as Parr Tower. To do so, we assumed the debts of Co-ed Housing, Incorporated, a co-op which was founded by Janet Smith and unfortunately went bankrupt due to embezzlement and mismanagement.

Campbell Club and Janet Smith houses are both named for idealistic people who had a marked effect on cooperatives at the University of Oregon. Campbell Club was named after Wallace Campbell, the founder of C.A.R.E. and a member of various cooperative organizations while attending the University of Oregon in the 1930's. He wrote a thesis on student cooperatives which was the model used by the founding members of SCA. Janet Smith, a University of Oregon administrator in the same time period, was instrumental in the formation of the first women's cooperatives on campus. Lorax Manner was named after the main character in the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax. The house has an environmental theme evoking the manner of the Lorax, who tried to save the Truffula trees.

For more history, explore old house documents, visit the Archive Room in Campbell Club and pick the brains of "old" members. Be curious; much of the history of the SCA exists only in the heads of these venerable co-opers.

Co-op Life

Self Government


  • How it works, Diet, Boarders, Meal Guests.


  • House Jobs, Work Parties, Emergencies, Education, Social, Personal Conflict Resolution.


  • Policy Books, Veteran Co-opers, Keys, Mail, Furniture, Recycling, Painting Rooms, Pet Policy, Smoking, Overnight Guests, SCA Office, Community Relationships, Maintenance and Improvements.

Cooperative Principles

The Government & Administration Of SCA

  • House Government, General Membership, Board of Directors.


  • Member Fees, Where the Money Goes, Budgets, Bad Debts.

Membership Policies

  • Applying to SCA, Member Deposits, Deposit Refunds, Placement, Room Allocation Policy, Moving Between Houses, Termination of Membership.

Moving In

  • Interim, Interim Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, New Member Orientation, General Membership Meeting, House Meeting and Job Lottery, Concerning Your New Room, The Contract, The Unwritten Contract.

Moving Out

  • Membership Coordinator, Leave Your Room Clean, Keys, Checkout Form, Forwarding Address, Your Deposit, Returning Members.