This is Luke updating the situation for the possible plumbing work we could have done using the rehab funds.


The Lorax has several re-occurring leaks of which the sources are unidentified.

The CC hasn't reported as many, as far as I know, but we might as well get an itemized bid and try to prioritize.


I have had one company come out to give us a bid. I need to find another that gives free bids. Plumbing works charges $80 an hour just for consultation.

Twin Rivers Info:

Basically it looks like the toilets have been physically knocked around a lot. The consequence of which has been leaking caused by breaking the wak seal of the fixture to the floor as well as the water source line coming from the wall. This might have caused damage to the flange, which from my understanding is the connection of the fixture to the sewage line. To fix the toilet problems he suggests installing new fixtures. I suggested that we try and get the toilets that have a half tank flush for urine only. These toilets save water and were basically used everywhere I went in Australia, the driest continent. Additionally I suggested we get toilets that can be bolted securely to the floor to withstand the forces of a squatting co-opper.

The plumber also took a look at the showers and noticed that most of the drains were not flush with the tile floor. He suggested that the seal between the tile and drain are probably not awesome and this would be causing water to leak around the drain.

I think he looked at the sinks too, but didn't really say anything.

Twin Rivers bid: Lorax 25K, CC 18K
Details to come, but unfortunately a per toilet cost wasn't given.